JSR: “Fuck!”

Annette: “Mmmm?”

JSR: “Eh, I was fighting that guy, and then I got this other roaming guy as an add, and then while I was running from them I ran around a tree and there was THIS guy, and now I’m stunned and they’re all killin’ me and I’m probably going to die. Fucks sake.”

Annette: [Without looking up] “Bah. Learn2Play, n00b.”

JSR: [Jaw on Floor] “…Dude!…WTF?!…Holy Crap!…I’m blogging this!”

My girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t let her meek exterior fool you, she will TURN and she will SMACK YOU DOWN. And she will do it STONE COLD.


  1. I believe this requires you to buy her a Geek t-shirt.

    Possibly with just her quote on it.

    oh, and, ROTFL

  2. thats awesome

    neongraals right, thats definately a ‘quotable’.

    your woman reminds me of that jinx t-shirt “frag the weak. hurdle the dead” – no remorse! you’re a lucky man.