Interocitors Are Go

Made my first ever video cellphone call today, from me to Chris, via the Vodafone 3G network. Here’s how it went:

JSR: “…..w00t! It works!”
Chris: “Yeah! I can totally see you!”
J: “I can see you, too. Some pixelisation when you move around, in the background especially.”
C: “Same here. It works, though.”
J: “Hell yes. We are totally mighty fucking spacemen of tomorrow, right here.”
C: “That we are!”
J: “Yep.”
C: “Yep.”
J: “So .. uh .. I can see you’re busy at work so ..”
C: “Yeah, kinda. You also appear to be at work, so…”
J: “Okay then, talk to you later. Bye.”
C: “Okay, bye.”

It didn’t actually go click – it’s more of a beeble-borble-bleep, but that’s because industrial designers have seen the same sci-fi shows as the rest of us, and they know how this shit should kinda work.

Still, there it is. The Vidcom. The Comkey. The Televisor. Fuck yes.


  1. *coughs* geeks *coughs* 🙂