Fine, GO then

So it’s finally kinda hitting me that my very old and good friend Chris Rigby will soon be departing the sunny shores of Auckland for the even more sunny but far more full of things that can kill you shores of some godforsaken city in the middle of nowhere, over in distant Orestrailyuh.

Who shall be my co-mocker of terrible movies now? Who shall I roll my eyes knowingly at whenever we see some fishnet-wearing technoweenie on rollerblades? Who, a few seconds later, will yell out “Hack The Planet!”?

I am really quite sad about it. I shall express this in ascii form as follows:


He and Helen had better be open to having the occasional visit from Annette and I, dammit.


  1. Damn… That sucks. We might not see him down here that much but I’ve enjoyed the occasional visit. As I understand it he’s moving to Perth? I hope he takes drugs because that place is seriously dull.

    All the best for the move though. We’ll probably see him back here sooner rather than later though. 🙂 _Seriously_ dull…

  2. Is he moving to the good bit? (ie Melbourne)

  3. Perth’s actually a very nice city, but very dry, and the 40+ degree days in summer can be a little …interesting. I loved it there myself.

    Good luck to him and Helen though, would have nice to see him last time he was down, but I didn’t find out till after he’d left 🙁

  4. Oops, sorry Jsr, I was supposed to call you yesterday… just found my note 🙁 I’ll catch you on IRC later in the week and we can try again. 🙂

  5. … Pumbaa to your Timone. 🙁

  6. Re: I think more along the lines of

    I .. can’t argue that. Especially since I think we’ve gone to parties dressed as those guys in the past.