Limited Badger

I’ve been scrounging ebay nearly constantly for a cheap semi-pro video camera. I put a couple of bids in, but have been outbid each time, so far, since the bids I’m putting in are all crazy-ass low.

I have my eye on a Canon XL-1 or XL-1S, which are quite buyable now that Canon have released the XL-2. Even so, they’re still too expensive for my currently limited budget.[1] I’m keep watching – a cheap one is BOUND to turn up eventually.

I watched Garden State with Annette over the weekend. It’s the first time I have seen it. Many of my friends have recommended it to me, but it’s just one of those things I’ve missed up ’till now. It was great. I really should listen to my friends when they tell me stuff. 🙂 It has, in fact, inspired me to go watch “Scrubs” which is yet another show that people tell me is good, and which I have not actually got around to watching yet.

[1] I actually wrote “limited badger” there, before editing. “Limited Badger” is a good name for a band.


  1. I watched the first three or four Scrubs-es a little while back. I liked them! I would like to watch with you, if you are going to watch them!

  2. It’s just for shooting random crap, and teaching myself cinematography with some short films and suchlike. Any reasonably serious DV camera would be fine. And Kevin Smith highly recommends the Canon ones – who am I to go against the will of the Bearded One?

    I figure a camera, a decent tripod (maybe with a remote), some homemade dolly stuff and a small crane will give me 95% of anything I would ever want to do. Feel free to correct me though!

  3. Yeah, I used to own all of those shows on VHS – PURE GENIUS.

  4. I note with considerable interest that you can buy an adapter ring for the XL series of cameras that lets you fit arriflex lenses to them, if you wanted to get really poshy.

    Wide-angle .. noted!

    “The wide-angle will be just fine.”

  5. ‘Boneless Portions’ is a good name for a band

  6. camera

    No, what you need is something like this:

    Stop screwing about with something you can’t make full use of and learn how to use something simpler to it’s full abilities. And you need to get a copy of Avid so that you learn how to use industry standard software too.

    hugs in jesus
    sm 😉

    • Re: camera

      Uh .. this is very very similar to what I’ve been looking at, simialrly priced, but less commonly used (and therefore with fewer options on lens types, etc). I’m really not seeing how this would be a more useful buy.