You Screenplayin’

Late sunday night. Workin’ on a screenplay and a storyboard for a short film[1]. Listening to old skool rap[2]. Wishing I had coffee[3]. Realising that I have to get up and go to work in 5 hours.

One day I won’t have a day job.

That’ll be a good day.

[1] “Untitled Banana Phone Project”
[2] Eric B and Rakim’s excellent cover of “I know you got soul”, originally by .. uh .. Bobby Byrd, maybe? Someone like that. Sampled by M.A.R.R.S for their “Pump up the Volume” track. I head the M.A.R.R.S track first, laughed my ass off when I first heard the original because it’s such a hugely noticable sample. Source material holds up better over time. Eric B and Rakim got mad skills.
[3] Latte, double-shot, whole milk, lots of sugar.


  1. I always kinda liked LLCool J. Used to have ‘Def Jam – the new style’ compilation.

    When the caffeine stops working try curiously strong peppermints.

    I was buying iceblocks at the supermarket in Parklands a month ago, and saw the rare grapefruit-and-lemon-fruju. Thought to myself, “this must be the Prince’s palace.”