Month: January 2006


JSR: “Fuck!”

Annette: “Mmmm?”

JSR: “Eh, I was fighting that guy, and then I got this other roaming guy as an add, and then while I was running from them I ran around a tree and there was THIS guy, and now I’m stunned and they’re all killin’ me and I’m probably going to die. Fucks sake.”

Annette: [Without looking up] “Bah. Learn2Play, n00b.”

JSR: [Jaw on Floor] “…Dude!…WTF?!…Holy Crap!…I’m blogging this!”

My girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t let her meek exterior fool you, she will TURN and she will SMACK YOU DOWN. And she will do it STONE COLD.

Interocitors Are Go

Made my first ever video cellphone call today, from me to Chris, via the Vodafone 3G network. Here’s how it went:

JSR: “…..w00t! It works!”
Chris: “Yeah! I can totally see you!”
J: “I can see you, too. Some pixelisation when you move around, in the background especially.”
C: “Same here. It works, though.”
J: “Hell yes. We are totally mighty fucking spacemen of tomorrow, right here.”
C: “That we are!”
J: “Yep.”
C: “Yep.”
J: “So .. uh .. I can see you’re busy at work so ..”
C: “Yeah, kinda. You also appear to be at work, so…”
J: “Okay then, talk to you later. Bye.”
C: “Okay, bye.”

It didn’t actually go click – it’s more of a beeble-borble-bleep, but that’s because industrial designers have seen the same sci-fi shows as the rest of us, and they know how this shit should kinda work.

Still, there it is. The Vidcom. The Comkey. The Televisor. Fuck yes.

Fine, GO then

So it’s finally kinda hitting me that my very old and good friend Chris Rigby will soon be departing the sunny shores of Auckland for the even more sunny but far more full of things that can kill you shores of some godforsaken city in the middle of nowhere, over in distant Orestrailyuh.

Who shall be my co-mocker of terrible movies now? Who shall I roll my eyes knowingly at whenever we see some fishnet-wearing technoweenie on rollerblades? Who, a few seconds later, will yell out “Hack The Planet!”?

I am really quite sad about it. I shall express this in ascii form as follows:


He and Helen had better be open to having the occasional visit from Annette and I, dammit.

You People Are Weirdos

I’m watching a lecture from my excellent /media/Movies/Documentary/BatshitCrazy/ directory.

I just uploaded a copy of “Titanic – THE SHIP THAT NEVER SANK” to it, which made me wander through it and play an item I hadn’t watched yet.

As such, I am now enjoying “The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea” which is a lecture about how the antichrist currently walks the earth, is about to dominate mankind and all that kinda stuff using (of course) the United Nations to bring this about. The antichrist in question is, am I am sure you’ve _easily_ guessed already, HRH Charles the Prince of Wales.

And he has _proof_, in the form of numerology, bible codes, symbols in the heraldic crest of the Prince of Wales, and whatnot and sundry.

It must suck to be the guy giving this lecture. The world he lives in is, as Warren Ellis would say, a Bad World. Imagine living your life being the guy WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH ABOUT CHARLES, BUT NO-ONE WILL LISTEN! OH THEY’LL RUE THE DAY WHEN CHARLES TAKES THE FIELD AT MEGGIDO! Imagine this guy trying to make a life for himnself when the wiring in his brain is telling him this shit. Imagine trying to get on with things when you’re this kind of subtly crazy.

And of course, he doesn’t look crazy in this video. He looks like a young businessman. Not a really sharp one, though. More like a selfconcious and quiet young man who’s maybe just been promoted from senior accounts clerk to junior accountant, and has purchased his first quite expensive suit. That’s what he looks like.

This guy is someone who if your daughter or sibling decided to date him, you wouldn’t feel protective about her because he seems like no real threat to her, but you would be very very puzzled at what she saw in him.

Except maybe she sees the person who knows the truth about HRH Damien Windsor, the great beast who shall devour us all, possibly with a nice cup of tea to follow.

Limited Badger

I’ve been scrounging ebay nearly constantly for a cheap semi-pro video camera. I put a couple of bids in, but have been outbid each time, so far, since the bids I’m putting in are all crazy-ass low.

I have my eye on a Canon XL-1 or XL-1S, which are quite buyable now that Canon have released the XL-2. Even so, they’re still too expensive for my currently limited budget.[1] I’m keep watching – a cheap one is BOUND to turn up eventually.

I watched Garden State with Annette over the weekend. It’s the first time I have seen it. Many of my friends have recommended it to me, but it’s just one of those things I’ve missed up ’till now. It was great. I really should listen to my friends when they tell me stuff. 🙂 It has, in fact, inspired me to go watch “Scrubs” which is yet another show that people tell me is good, and which I have not actually got around to watching yet.

[1] I actually wrote “limited badger” there, before editing. “Limited Badger” is a good name for a band.

You Screenplayin’

Late sunday night. Workin’ on a screenplay and a storyboard for a short film[1]. Listening to old skool rap[2]. Wishing I had coffee[3]. Realising that I have to get up and go to work in 5 hours.

One day I won’t have a day job.

That’ll be a good day.

[1] “Untitled Banana Phone Project”
[2] Eric B and Rakim’s excellent cover of “I know you got soul”, originally by .. uh .. Bobby Byrd, maybe? Someone like that. Sampled by M.A.R.R.S for their “Pump up the Volume” track. I head the M.A.R.R.S track first, laughed my ass off when I first heard the original because it’s such a hugely noticable sample. Source material holds up better over time. Eric B and Rakim got mad skills.
[3] Latte, double-shot, whole milk, lots of sugar.