The dubs

I had a discussion with Isaac F the other day, in which we discussed government conspiracy theories, and he stated that he didn’t really think that the US government did the conspiracy theory thing any more and instead it just came out and said what evil stuff it was doing and trusted in the populace being too evil and/or stupid themselves to care about it.

I laughed at the time, but:

The Bush adminstration, in direct contravention of US law, authorises electronic surveillance of US citizens without obtaining any warrants to do so. Someone then leaks the fact that this is happening. Bush then stands up, in public, and (straightfaced) says that leaking this info about his illegal activities is “shameful”.

Doesn’t even make me mad any more, just makes me laugh. There are times when I am so pleased I don’t live in the US. Now, for example. Thankfully this guy is not the leader of my country, but I’ll still be plenty glad when the dude retires from office.


  1. its a bit….

    of a testament to how bad the worlds getting though- not just the fact that bush is just doing some nasty sh!t outright, not even caring for a cover-up/conspiracy- but that we’re beyond being mad at it and it just makes us laugh. me included.

    i’m pretty sure armageddon’s just round the corner. that’ll be fun to watch.

  2. Totally irrelevant to this conversation, but I had a weird dream with you and Annette in it last night…

    • We demand details. Especially if they’re saucy details.

      • Well it was a bit of an odd one. We were all at a concert and oddly it was Jamie Lee Curtis singing (which makes no sense) and Annette was sitting on the floor writing you a poem. Nothing much interesting happened was just really bizarre. I can make up saucy details if ya want.

        • Annette is FAR more likely to draw me a picture of, say, a monkey balancing a pie on its head than she is to write me a poem. 🙂

  3. It’s no coincidence that the USA’s foremost satirist is now a man who plays verbatim clips from press conferences and network news shows, then raises his eyebrows and repeats what was said in an incredulous voice.