Domicile Nomenclature

The apartment building where I live is called “The Four Seasons Plaza”, a name that (a) no-one knows, (b) no-one who actually does know, likes, and (c) sucks.

In a recent body corporate meeting there was discussion on renaming it. This is a likely possibility.

I am going to try SPECTACULARLY hard to get it named after a location in World of Warcraft. I think “Apartment 4D, Stormwind.” would be an EXCELLENT thing to put on a business card.

However, I may stick some other geeky options in there. “Orgrimmar” or “Camp Taurajo” would be great, but “Z’ha’dum” is also excellent (if even more unlikely than the latter two options.).

Suggestions are welcome!

14 thoughts on “Domicile Nomenclature

  1. “Victory Mansions” which is the name of the apartment building in Orwell’s 1984.

    Or, “Bloomsbury Center”, which is where they did the baby production in Brave New World.


  2. you all suffer a lack of imagination

    but then, so do I.

    Kwanzaa has merit.
    As do Empire and Nation and Rabble
    Glorious Five Year Plan, while excellent, might be too easily seen as Not Taking This Seriously. The words, after all, are very similar.

    But whatever you do, remember to do it with God in your Heart.


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