Month: December 2005

Please Stand Up

“Sheik Shady Suleiman, a cleric from Lakemba Mosque, admitted that, despite his community being “very understanding”, there were “some hardheads who want trouble”.”

He’s Sheik Shady.

The real Sheik Shady.

All you other Sheik Shadys is just imatatey.

The dubs

I had a discussion with Isaac F the other day, in which we discussed government conspiracy theories, and he stated that he didn’t really think that the US government did the conspiracy theory thing any more and instead it just came out and said what evil stuff it was doing and trusted in the populace being too evil and/or stupid themselves to care about it.

I laughed at the time, but:

The Bush adminstration, in direct contravention of US law, authorises electronic surveillance of US citizens without obtaining any warrants to do so. Someone then leaks the fact that this is happening. Bush then stands up, in public, and (straightfaced) says that leaking this info about his illegal activities is “shameful”.

Doesn’t even make me mad any more, just makes me laugh. There are times when I am so pleased I don’t live in the US. Now, for example. Thankfully this guy is not the leader of my country, but I’ll still be plenty glad when the dude retires from office.

More like BOREdrobe, amirite? No? Ok.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me what I thought of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and I’ve had to tell them that I hadn’t seen it, and had no plans to see it.

I disliked the books, you see. I didn’t connect with any of the characters, regardless of their status as pro or antagonists. The themes of the book (I’ve only read Lion Witch Wardrobe, none of the others) don’t connect much with me either – possibly because a lot of it is about sibling relationships, and I am a CLASSIC only child. I don’t even like Turkish Delight, so that pretty much seals the deal.

I’m also not sure about this “Aslan is TOTALLY Jesus OMG” business either. Sure, he dies and comes back, just like Jesus is supposed to have done. But hey, so did Jason Vorhees in the Friday the 13th movies. So did Leonard McCoy in “Shore Leave”. I’m not totally sure how that’s really so redemptive for mankind.

Hell, I’m not even sure why dying and coming back was such a big deal for Jesus in the first place. I mean, if you’re a man who’s also an aspect of the omnipotent creator of everything, what’s the big deal about dying and coming back? I’d want something much more impressive. I’d want him to, like, come back as The Hulk, and fuck shit up.


So, no, this Wardrobe movie is not even on my list of stuff to download, never mind pay for.

Kong, however, I shall be attending. Oh yes.

Domicile Nomenclature

The apartment building where I live is called “The Four Seasons Plaza”, a name that (a) no-one knows, (b) no-one who actually does know, likes, and (c) sucks.

In a recent body corporate meeting there was discussion on renaming it. This is a likely possibility.

I am going to try SPECTACULARLY hard to get it named after a location in World of Warcraft. I think “Apartment 4D, Stormwind.” would be an EXCELLENT thing to put on a business card.

However, I may stick some other geeky options in there. “Orgrimmar” or “Camp Taurajo” would be great, but “Z’ha’dum” is also excellent (if even more unlikely than the latter two options.).

Suggestions are welcome!

Burned my ass UP

Richard Pryor died over the weekend. He’s been ill with MS for a while now, so it wasn’t as if no-one saw it coming. He was one of the best stand-up comics EVER. I had a pirated copy of Here and Now and RP: Live in Concert on VHS, which I watched so much that the tapes actually wore out and became unwatchable. In the 1980’s I was convinced that Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin were the funniest people EVER – Steve and Eddie consequently became remarkably unfunny as the years rolled by, but Richard Pryor never did.

So long, Jack.