Complete. And Heavy.

Woohoo! I am now the proud owner of the Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection!

Note the slightly dented enclosure – the perils of getting stuff shipped from the US – but the books themselves are fantastically printed and hardbound, and the comics therein are excellent.

If only they’d do one of these for Bloom County, I’d be a happy guy.


  1. oooooo that’s tasty! i can see many happy Sunday mornings lying in bed reading those

  2. Interesting. Mine picked up some damage in transit too, while the Complete Far Side was in perfect condition (earlier purchase). They must be slipping.

    • Yeah, I got that Far Side collection to – and yes, mine also was undamaged. This one was far more shoddily packed.

      I really mean it about the complete Bloom County collection, too. I WANT.