Month: November 2005

Also “Firing Arcane Missiles”

[Playing WoW]

JSR: [Chuckles]
Annette: “What?”
JSR: “Well, our guildie just mentioned ‘playing everyones favourite game, Grind on Furbolgs!’ in chat, and for some reason I thought that “Grinding the Furbolg” was a euphemism for masturbation. And NOW I’m thinking of other WoW sayings that would be fine euphemisms for masturbation, and “Cheap Green XP” keeps coming up.”
Annette: “Hah. See, I would have gone with “Flinging the Justice Hammer”

Complete. And Heavy.

Woohoo! I am now the proud owner of the Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection!

Note the slightly dented enclosure – the perils of getting stuff shipped from the US – but the books themselves are fantastically printed and hardbound, and the comics therein are excellent.

If only they’d do one of these for Bloom County, I’d be a happy guy.