I am growing my hair long again. It’s currently just hitting my collar and starting to curl back up, so it’s time to get the back bit tidied, before The Mullet can assume physical form, and start to amass power and influence and armies of Orcs.

I’m quite looking forward to having long hair again. I may buy another motorcycle and wear leather again, too. It’ll be hard to look after, but even since I cut it (and stopped with the leathers) people fucking TALK to me all the time. Like, in the STREET. Not just people, but Christians! I won’t stand for it.

This is, in fact, related to my previous entry on borg-like information swarming on corporate drones. It’s equally applicable to drones, godbotherers, commies and people handing out flyers for TimeCube-like wackassery. Hell, with good enough optics it could pick them out of upcoming crowds, and plot a course that avoids them all. I’d buy this. Today.

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