Can’t Park There

The news just reported that they have unconfirmed reports that someone is flying over Auckland in a (stolen?) light aircraft, and in communications with the police has threatened to crash it into the Sky Tower.

I have _equipment_ in the Sky Tower. Expensive stuff! Goddamn it!

I’m sure as hell not going up there to get it, now. I’ll wager they’re evacuating it anyway. I hope so, if this nutcase actually goes through with his threat.

I bet he aims for the restaurant, anyway, not the RF decks a few floors down. It’s a bigger target.

[Edit: UPDATE! Now reported that a small plane has crashed on Kohimarama Beach (Mission Bay, basically) and that the pilot is out and on the beach. Presumably the same dude as above. Excellent.]


  1. I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to go to work on Monday 😛

    Glad the move went well btw, although it means I can’t stalk Annette anymore *sob*

  2. Is it wrong that I find that kind of hilarious? I bet the sky tower could withstand a light plane.

    • Yeah, I thought that too. I just figured it would sort of bounce off and go smoosh unless it hit enough window area.

    • Oh, definitely. It’s actually designed to take the impact of quite large aircraft. A light plane would just, like, crash into it and go crunch. There would be no WTC-style crashings.

      But I still wouldn’t want it hitting where my stuff is, shielded from the outside by only a very thin layer of RF-transparent glass.

  3. it crashed right by my house!