Movin’ On Up

Annette has packed pretty much the whole apartment. I shall end up packing my desk stuff and computer stuff. Everything else, the vast majority of which can be described as “All the damn books”, has been packed by Annette. I have offered sage advice like “Wow, awesome packing there!” and “Way to go with the packing, yes!”, but that’s it.

Also: Annette got tickets to the upcoming John Cleese show! Cue fanboy glee!

Much running around at the moment for moving – finalising the mortgage documents (it seems the last big lot of papers we signed for the mortgage was, in fact, only a light preamble, a mere introduction to the themes of the main paperwork.

Things to consider when moving: Mortgage, new bank accounts, deposits, getting real estate management company, showing prospective tenants through the place when you’re trying to pack (or watch your girlfriend pack), power, phone and internet moving, mail forwarding, change of address for every damn thing, ensuring building managers know that you’re leaving/arriving and have the service lifts ready for you, booking movers, changing pay to new mortgage accounts, etc.

Total. Pain. In. The. Ass.

I hope the new apartment rules all.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. Good luck to you hon.