This, as far as I can make out, is how Hogwarts breaks down:

Gryffindor – The Heroes!
Slytherin – Evil!
Hufflepuff – We Have A Stupid Name!
Ravenclaw – The Other One!

So, like, basically Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are the “filler” houses, there to round things out so you don’t just have a spy vs spy situation, with only students in the dining room either sitting at Gryffindor table and studying hard and being good of heart and having glowing auras of noble .. uh .. true-ness, or sitting at the Slytherin table and twirling their moustaches and say “Bwaahahaha!” and strangling kittens.

But I suspect there must be more to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

I think they have secrets, ancient and dark, unfathomable by the mind of man. Secrets best kept quiet. For ever.

That’s the only damn reason anyone would want to keep the house name “Hufflepuff” anyway, and not campaign and lobby constantly to change it to “Flamestrike” or “Hugeloins” or something.


  1. Ravenclaw is most often mentioned as the team Gryffindor has to beat to get into the Quidditch finals. Potter’s erstwhile crumpet was in the Ravenclaw team.

    Hufflepuff students are good at Herbology, and crap at Quidditch. And everything else. Also, they look like bees.

  2. I would want to be in Hufflepuff.

  3. I thought Hufflepuff was for geeks?

  4. Gryffindor: Jocks
    Slytherin: Evil spoiled snots.
    Ravenclaw: Nerds, geeks
    Hufflepuff: Everyone else. Hufflepuff is really described as being for everyone who didn’t fit into any other house, which I guess means you’re not brave, calculating, or smart.

    Fer reals.

  5. I’m pretty sure there is a Hugeloins house — if their presence isn’t stated explicitly, it’s strongly implied by the subtext. I understand they’ll play a significant part in the final book, Harry Potter and the Flaming Meathammer.

  6. Trivia time: “sliabhraon” is Gaelic for serpent, and is pronounced (more or less) “slivren”.

    I think.