I’ve just finished reading a book called “The Weapon” by one Michael Z. Williamson. I purchased this book solely on the recommendation of the author of the webcomic Schlock Mercenary which is on my list of daily reads.

“The Weapon” can best be described, I think, as 2/3 Sci-Fi/Military/Special-Forces Procedural (in the same way that CSI and CSI:Miami and CSI:Mos Eisley are Forensic Procedurals and Law and Order is a Legal Procedural) and 1/3 Libertarian rant about the upcoming opressive UN world government and how all truly free individuals are going to have to take a stand to be rid of it.

I greatly enjoyed it. I’ve just ordered another book by the same author.

3 thoughts on “Weaponised

    1. Woah, unexpected LJ comments by the author in question!

      I must tell you, as I’ve already said, I found Weapon to be a great read! I ordered Freehold the same day, Amazon tells me it’ll ship from backorder Real Soon Now.

      I genuinely hope you have plans to write more!


      1. I occasionally google my name to see what hell I can raise and who’s taking my name in vain.

        Nothing like anonymously flaming myself on someone’s forum and watching the fireworks:-D


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