Satellites are IN SPACE which is AWESOME, so there’s THAT I guess

Right. Flew down to Dunedin on tuesday, for a meeting with a possible customer. Did my standard “satellite based data networks have the following advantages over ground-based” speech, and carefully didn’t give the “and here’s the much larger list of why it’s much much worse.” speech. In many ways, I am sorry that ICONZ is moving towards more and more satellite stuff these days. I thought I was rid of it when I left IHUG. Anyway, yeah, Dunedin. Flew down at some unholy hour which meant getting up at 0445 hours. Got back at around 1800 or 1900 or so.

Wednesday, worked all day, then kept working until 0100 thursday in order to get as many jobs done as possible before going on leave. Came home, slept.

Thursday, went to work, went over the instructions that I had written at 0100 for the new engineering guy. They were incomprehensible even to me, and I wrote them. Never write anything after working for 16 hours, that’s my new motto. Then flew to Wellington for a mostly pointless meeting with a customer who primarily wants a product that we don’t actually offer. Then the damn airport is fogged in and we get bounced around flights until one actually manages to take off. Home at like, 10.00pm or so.

I am a goddamn jet-setter. Except it’s work travel, so it pretty much sucks after the novelty has worn off. (This takes place at around the second work-related trip.) The only cool thing is that travelling without baggage is EXCELLENT. I checked nothing in for both of my trips this week, and my total carry-on baggage consisted of an iPod.

Work. Work. Work. Someone give me a bunch of money, plskthx. I am sick of this work stuff. Course, I’m really not sick of the pay, and that’s the key to it all.

I am now officially on leave. My cellphone seems to have SOMEHOW totally switched itself off. Shame, that.

Tomorrow, I’m looking at a new apartment with Annette at 1300, then there’s a work mid-winter party at 1930 hours which I really ought to at least stick my head in the door of.

From Saturday on, however, I plan to indulge in levels of indolence that make the baby Jesus cry.


  1. From Saturday on, however, I plan to indulge in levels of indolence that make the baby Jesus cry.

    Well, without meaning to be blasphemnous in any kind of way, was Baby Jesus particularly active himself? I doubt it!

  2. I plan to indulge in levels of indolence that make the baby Jesus cry.
    That wouldn’t be the evil green stuff you manage to drink so much of and not fall over (much)?
    I think you were the first person to give me some of that stuff by saying it was really good and nice. Hah.

    • Green Chartreuse? If that’s what you mean, then .. well, I kinda binged on that stuff one time a year or two ago, and I haven’t touched it since. I’m too old for big drinkies any more.

      No, nowadays it’s all cups of tea and world of warcraft, and _those_ are the levels of indolence I have planned.

  3. I like all the 24-hour times in this entry 😀

    • It’s not a bullshit affectation! I do network engineering for a 24-hour operation, so the clarity of the 24hr time codes is required, so that you don’t end up saying “I’ll be performing upgrades on their connection at eight-o-clock. Can you warn the customer that there will be an outage.” and then ending up with a pissed-off person on the phone. So using it has become a habit.