Well Pimped, Yeah?

Annette and I watched S01E01 of “Pimp my Ride UK” over the weekend. This is a port of the PMR show from the US to the UK, obviously, and is screening on MTV UK.

Jesus. We laughed a lot.

We laughed a little bit at the workers in the custom shop, who have extrmely britpop haircuts (Artfully shaggy. No visible ears. Spending 30mins in the morning making it look like you’re the kind of cheeky lad who spends no time on his hair) but mostly, we laughed at Tim Westwood, the UK answer to Xzibit. Tim is a popular UK hiphop DJ. He’s white. Very white. But he seems pretty sure that deep down, he’s black. He’s quite funny, but if you’re going to go down this semi-parody road, you may as well go all the way and actually hire Sacha Baron Cohen to bring Ali-G to host the show. That would have been brilliant.

[Edit: Just to make it clear, we were not laughing along with Mr Westwood. We were very very definitely laughing at him, and his overwhelming wiggerosity. I’m just sayin’, is all.]

5 thoughts on “Well Pimped, Yeah?

    1. Well, yes, of course you were laughing -at- him. What else would you be doing?

      Hmm – perhaps my post needs some editing.


      1. I mean that he was ludicrous and awful, not an entertaining host.

        The rest of them were alright, if silly-haired. No West Coast Customs, though.


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