Them Boots

A celebrity girlfriend was among British and Irish Lions players’ families and partners refused entry to the official after-test-match function.,2106,3333615a10,00.html

“The girlfriends looked beautiful, they were wearing Lions jerseys and jackets with jeans and Ugg boots…

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It was embarrassing,” Mrs Doyle said, adding Gilson had done well not to lose her cool.

It surely was. But not, I suspect, in the way Mrs Doyle thinks.


  1. aww, sounds like they looked wucked choice, Shurl! Anyway, everyone knows that Ugg boots add instant class to any outfit 😉

  2. It pleases me that their source was Mrs Doyle:

    “Ah now, will you not let them in? They’re just tiny wee girls, you’ll hardly even notice them. Ah go on now. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on…”