Them Boots

A celebrity girlfriend was among British and Irish Lions players’ families and partners refused entry to the official after-test-match function.,2106,3333615a10,00.html

“The girlfriends looked beautiful, they were wearing Lions jerseys and jackets with jeans and Ugg boots…

Insert Tui Ad here.

It was embarrassing,” Mrs Doyle said, adding Gilson had done well not to lose her cool.

It surely was. But not, I suspect, in the way Mrs Doyle thinks.

2 thoughts on “Them Boots

  1. It pleases me that their source was Mrs Doyle:

    “Ah now, will you not let them in? They’re just tiny wee girls, you’ll hardly even notice them. Ah go on now. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on…”


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