Homer the Homocidal Maniac

I just watched Season 16, Episode 19 of The Simpsons … and fuck me, there was a Johnny the Homocidal Maniac shoutout in it.

There’s a scene towards the end where Homer is taken up to Heaven by the rapture. He’s shown around the place by an angel who tells him “The best part of Heaven is .. anything you wish for, you _get_! Lickety-Split!” And Homer says “Hmmmm” and then stares intently at the angel for a few seconds … whereupon the Angels HEAD EXPLODES! And then Homer laughs, as the Angel instantly grows a new one. The Angel then says “Okay, just for that, your room is next to the kiddie pool. Alright, Mr Smartie Head-Exploder?”

At which point, I was pointing at the screen like an Evil Monkey and saying to Annette “Was that a fucking JTHM reference, in the FUCKING SIMPSONS?”

It CANNOT have been pure chance.

Unexpected Happy!

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  1. That is a thing of considerable rockitude. I’ll have to watch out for that one 🙂