Oh sure, it might not suck

I’ve been thinking about things nerdish lately, especially after looking at all these newbie star wars geeks camping out for Episode III. What the fuck are you doing, people? “MAYBE it won’t suck” is NOT a good enough reason to go see a movie, much less sit outdoors waiting to get tickets.

I try not to be too much of a squealing fanboy these days, because god knows you can actually like a movie or tv series a WHOLE LOT without actually wearing the uniform of the characters in the show .. a valuable lesson there, one I wish I had learned years earlier .. but I am inclined to squeal just a little today, under my breath like. Why? Because I just watched the trailer for “Serenity”, the movie continuation of Joss Whedon’s awesomely excellent Firefly TV series. And it surely does look like good stuff.

If it does well, some network will option the series for more episodes. SciFi, maybe. It’ll go some way towards redeeming them in my eyes for cancelling MST3K.

I hope they do pick up it. It’s a strong hope. It’s honest. It’s pure. It burns, like flame burns. Or Truth. Or Love. But it may well never pan out, and this is the last we see of the Firefly cast.

You geeks! If you must see Ep III, then pay for Serenity, and sneak into Lucas’ latest crapfest. Or hell, just give Lucas the fingers and go see Serenity. Because you KNOW that IT won’t suck.


  1. Firefly just came out on DVD here, too, for those of us who consume such things.

  2. I wondered if you’d seen the trailer yet 🙂

    I saw someone link to it this morning but alas, I cannot watch until I get home.

  3. I haven’t seen the Serenity trailer yet, but it’s sitting there on my computer waiting for me to do so. I am way too patient.

    Firefly is up there in my top 5 TV shows of ever ever ever.

  4. Eeeeeeeeee! I love Firefly!

  5. *happy-sigh*

    this trailer .. just .. well .. *glee*

    SW:EIII – I’ll see it to watch that bloody anakin fellow fall into lava, but it will not come anywhere near the charm, humour and majesty of Firefly!