Yeah, She Got There First

Annette hit Level 60 last night in World of Warcraft. Go Annette! Now she’s one of the biggest, toughest, warriors … who happens to be a very short female gnome with her pink hair in pigtails …. in the entire game. Go Annette! I, of course, continue to Bring the Holy with my Dwarf Priest, I should be hitting 60 pretty shortly myself. Then I plan to play some other characters for a while.

I’m presuming that everyone who’s reading this watches the tv show “Lost” and thinks it’s utterly excellent, right? You all do, right? I’m really jonesing for more episodes. Hurley is like a God to me.


  1. Lost is TV crack. I’m having horrible withdrawals. Apparently they’ve said they’re going to resolve a heap of the mysteries by the end of the season (which is what, a couple more episodes?)… But I don’t believe them. Bastards, messing with my head.

    And yes, Hurley rawks. I wish they’d do another Hurley episode. 🙂

  2. I’ve been watching them as they’ve appeared on TV (so omgdunspoil), but I have to say that last week’s episode made me wish I could just stop. It was pointless and unbelievable (small example: if you’re getting someone to write dialog about translating from French to English, you should pick someone who speaks at least one of the two languages), and if I wasn’t waiting with bated breath for the next time they remember there are polar bears on the island, I’d stop watching right now. Also, I wish someone would use the words “please”, “thank you” or “sorry”. Just once, and especially to Sawyer. He fucking deserves it.

    So no, not “utterly”, but it has a pretty high strike rate. Of course, I live with two people who are watching the new episodes pretty much as soon as they’re released (the irony: guess who the poor sap is who ends up torrenting the eps for them?) and who sit, one on either side of me, not watching the television, but watching my reaction to it. I know when a big twist is coming because they go “watch this bit! watch this bit!”, even though I’ve been sitting in the same position for an hour.

    Le sigh.

    • Some of the recurring motifs are getting a bit old, I must admit.

      Oh, we urgently need a McGuffin! I remember seeing one around somewhere! Now, where could it have gone? Who could have it? Cut to Sawyer. Sawyer has it. Sawyer won’t give it up. Insert fight/argument/promises/seduction here. Sawyer hands it over.

      It’d be nice for someone to say “Oh! We need a McGuffin! I have it RIGHT HERE IN MY POCKET! Here you go!” and hand it over.

      I must admit, in a recent episode, Kate needed .. alcohol, I think? For someone’s wounds. And Sawyer had it. And he just handed it over. Maybe they’re beginning to realise that it’s getting a bit stale.

      • Don’t tell me they realised you can actually ask him for things, instead of saying “you’re going to give it to me” and expecting (in the face of massive historical evidence to the contrary) that this will work?

        The thing is, everybody watching has figured out he’s not actually a bad guy, just a little pissed off that people take so much for granted. How come nonoe of the other characters have figured this out yet? Oh, wait. They’re all American.

      • Actually, I’ve just realised I’m waiting for someone to say, “Hey, remember how when we were all looking through the wreckage for useful stuff, Sawyer was off by himself being all tough and loner-y? And then he was looting later by himself? Yeah, so how come every time we need something useful, Sawyer has it? Except for that gangster’s Rolex, which I totally knew would come in handy.”

  3. I wasn’t very interested in Lost at first, but the last few episodes you watched a little while ago were good. So I think I will watch the rest now.

  4. I have the Lost addiction, too.

  5. What I want to know is…. what the hell happened to the giant pilot-eating horror-monster as big as the tree-tops? And the giant carnivorous pigs? And the polar bears? Did they all decide they weren’t all that hungry after all, and went off for a bit of a snooze? I mean, there’s this concentrated mass of protein there, all soft with no thick hide or claws or scales or anything, and all the fantastically dangerous predators have decided to leave them alone. What’s with that?

    Plus, that doctor guy and his Significant Sexual Tensioner just really piss me off; they should grow a sense of humour. Or hang themselves, that would be good too. The only character I find entertaining is the huge fat surfer dude; I’m quite looking forward to the episode when the ex-cripple survivalist guy and he go head-to-head in the arena when one of them suffers the pon’thar and they have to battle to the death with stupid giant-head-weapons for the right to mate.

    I started watching it, and thought it had potential as a goofy “land that time forgot” thing, but frankly I just can’t be bothered any more. It’s pretty much just turned into a cross between “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Survivor – Treasure Island”. Meh.

  6. You uncurious motherfuckers.