Review: Nathan Barley

I recently watched the first couple of episodes of the Nathan Barley tv show, based on the (fake, obviously) tv show “Cunt’ from the spectacularly funny but now defunct “TV Go Home” web site.

It was very entertaining, and amusing – I laughed a lot – but having said that, the character of Nathan Barley in this show is NOT the same as the original. There are some crossovers, for sure. When the TV NB said “I’m a self-facilitation media node” .. that’s fucking timeless, and could have been said by both of the NB characters.

But TV NB is a fool. He’s presented and played as slightly gormless. At times one feels SYMPATHETIC to him. The TVGH version of NB, you NEVER felt sympathy for. You fucking HATED him. The WORLD fucking hated him. That was the POINT.

I’m actually wondering if perhaps the tv show is set 8 or 10 years later, and they’ve deliberatey changed the character a bit to have him age. He’s much less evil, and much more dorky.


  1. I watched the first one of that series, and it didn’t grab me. The only thing I’m big into on television at the moment is Look Around You.

    • Look Around You is, of course, TOTAL GENIUS.

      I have the first run of 6 short episodes, and they’re fantastic. I did hear that more were coming .. I hope it’s true!