Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring

I issued several UN[1] resolutions directed at the sales team at my place of work, which they have chosen to ignore. This has regretfully forced me to take a course of action which should only ever be used as a last resort. I have determined that the time for that last resort .. is now.

The recent cellphone antics by the sales team (including the infamous “Polyphonic MIDI Version of the chorus from Eminems ‘The Real Slim Shady’) have, on behalf of the entire rest of the office, given me no choice but to act.

I realise what I am about to announce will not be a unversally popular decision, but I stand by it. No-one, least of all the free people of this office, wanted recent conflicts to escalate to this level, but we know from previous conflicts with the Sales Team that any deterrents we have will only work if sales, and all the enemies of freedom, know that we are indeed prepared to deploy them.

As at 1530 hours today, I have therefore changed the ringtone on my cellular phone to a mp3 of Raffi’s “Bannana Phone”. Furthermore I have set the ring to “Loop” instead of “Play once”.

Let Freedom Reign.


[1] Unwanted Noise

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