This One Time, In Arathi


So, like, Annette and I are wandering around the Arathi Highlands looking for various exiles that she needs to kill (and loot charms from) in order to finish one of her _innumerable_ warrior-only quests, and we run over a hill and come face to face this level 31 undead rogue who’s just finished killing this poor level 29 alliance guy, right in front of us.

And he stands there, all PvP activated, his name tag all green and shit. And we stand there for a few seconds going .. “Did that Hordie just kill one of our side, right in front of us?” and then he RUNS and I DOT the hell out of him, and then smite him a couple times and he dies horribly, because we’re both lots of levels up on him. And we’re all like “Taste the BITTER FLAVOUR of JUSTICE!” and then we wander off to keep killing these exiled elemental guys.

So, a few minutes later, just finishing combat with a random raptor (if you’ve been to Arathi, you know the ones I mean – they’re all over the place up there) and suddenly pow, the same undead rogue decloaks behind me with a nasty-ass backstab, poisoned blades and all. And it _hurt_, right? Even though I’m much higher level than him, I’m a priest, and I had no defences up because Annette was tanking the raptor, I was just watching and flash healing if required.

So this guy has tracked us from one side of the region to another, just to extract his TERRIBLE revenge – except as soon as he starts stabbing, I put up a power word: shield, heal myself, DOT him, and then do a psychic scream … and he runs, right, he runs RIGHT INTO A GROUP OF ABOUT THREE RAPTORS, who proceed to use him as a chewtoy while we HOWL WITH DERISIVE LAUGHTER.


Ah, I guess you had to be there.

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  1. No actually, I can easily imagine this scene (after having watched two friends play) and it definitely brought a HUGE smile to my face 🙂