True Story

Man, I’ve been totally submerged in World of Warcraft lately. Not that this isn’t fun, especially now that Annette is also playing.

So, to compensate for this general lack of interesting stuff to post about, here’s an update which contains no less than three confessions of my own personal DEEP DARK SECRETS and TWISTED PERVERSIONS, for your consumption:

– I have never played any version of the video game “Counterstrike”

– I have a great fondness for, and reasonably large collection of, rap and hip-hop music, dating back to the late 1980s.

– Homemade amateur porn is INFINITELY more interesting than professional porn.

Thank you, and goodnight.

One thought on “True Story

  1. The Conuterstrike omission is a pretty serious perversion. Even I’ve done that, and I haven’t played multiplayer Quake, Doom or Duke Nuke’em.

    I’m pretty mean with an umbrella too.


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