Month: December 2004

Tenacious Fucking D

I had to walk home with no socks on, because they just got ROCKED OFF by The Greatest Band In The World.

Totally AWESOME concert.

The warm-up band was “Crumb” with whom I am not familiar, but they were really very good.


Pick Up Some Milk

I should state that while my relationship with Annette was already very very special to me, it’s now even more so, This is due to the fact that in no previous relationships have I ever had the opportunity to ask that one special question..

“Hey, sweetheart, after we escape from these goblins, do you want to go to the supermarket?”

And for this, I both thank and love her.

True Story

Man, I’ve been totally submerged in World of Warcraft lately. Not that this isn’t fun, especially now that Annette is also playing.

So, to compensate for this general lack of interesting stuff to post about, here’s an update which contains no less than three confessions of my own personal DEEP DARK SECRETS and TWISTED PERVERSIONS, for your consumption:

– I have never played any version of the video game “Counterstrike”

– I have a great fondness for, and reasonably large collection of, rap and hip-hop music, dating back to the late 1980s.

– Homemade amateur porn is INFINITELY more interesting than professional porn.

Thank you, and goodnight.

Return of the King – Extended Edition

I watched The Return of the King – Extended Edition last night, and was mostly impressed with the extra stuff they put back in. It was definitely nice to see Saruman meet his doom, instead of just .. vanishing. I’m still perplexed at their dropping that from the theatrical release. And OH MAN, the MOUTH OF SAURON .. IS EXCELLENT. Most of the extra stuff is character development stuff, so it’s actually really good to see them put it back in. It goes without saying that I’ll be buying this on DVD the instant it’s released, right? If for no other reason than it’s another few hours of excellent commentary by cast and crew.

So yesterday I drove back to the school outside of Dargaville, configured and installed a router and their local wireless system, and then drove back.

Road works? Yes.
Country folk driving at 40Kph on a long flat straight 100Kph bit fo road? Affirmative.
Gypsies? Definitely .. there were gypsies. In a convoy of collapsed local fair rides and large but absurdly slow house-truck things with garishly painted wooden backs and little stovepipe things on the top. And the people in them were wearing bandannas and waistcoats and earrings and shit. All the usual carny folk bits of business.

Small hands.

Anyway, I left for work at 0830 and got home at about 2030 or so. I hate days like that. And for future longish trips, some kind of car-ipod-charger is DEFINITELY in order.