And So It Begins

Woohoo! World of Warcraft!

If anyone is about to start playing, I humbly invite you to play on the Hyjal realm server, which is in “Pacific” time zone region. Cos that’s where I’ll be.


  1. FYI most NZ players will be on Blackrock for Horde, or Frostwolf for Alliance.
    Or Proudmore if you’re a PvE pansy.
    There are some Alliance guys lurking on blackrock though (this is talking about nz/aussie gamers)

  2. The RWM folk seem to be on Proudmore – which is where I’ll be as soon as it finishes installing 🙂

  3. hmmm…im still debating wether or not to play/buy the thing, it looks waaaay cool and Ive always been partial to orks and tauren but Ive never played an MMPOG before. I wanna try it out and see if this could be a game for me to buy for christmas but everyone I know that has the bloody thing is too busy being jacked into thier reletive puta’s that I cant find out if its a good game or not????