Just like Gamera

Annette and I are planning to go to Japan for a holiday next year –
I’ve never been before and greatly want to go, and Annette LOVED her
time there, so she’s totally into it.
Anyway, I mentioned this to a friend who had lived in Japan for a
couple of years on one of those teach-the-Japanese-english schemes. The
following conversation resulted:

Mike: Yeah? How long will you be there for, yo?

JSR: I’m thinking we’ll be over there for 10 days or 2 weeks or so.

Mike: Kickass you will totally love it dude lots of gadgets totally techno

JSR: Quite. Also, there are little japanese schoolgirls. You know. In those uniforms. DAMN YOU, PIRO!

Mike: dude they will probably be terrifeid of you. all those clichees
about giant clumsy westerners and tiny tiny japanese are only slightly
exaggerated and shit. you will basically be treated like a giant shaved
talking bear, wandering the streets.

JSR: But _politely_ treated that way, I am sure! I do kind of resemble
a giant fat clumsy bear anyway – I actually plan to attack and destroy
Tokyo with my mighty paws and nuclear breath. REEEEEAAHHHRRRRR!

Mike: i dont know if that will score you points with schoolgirls

JSR: JSR is a friend to all children!

I must admit, I am really looking foward to this trip.

7 thoughts on “Just like Gamera

      1. one of them (who wasn’t in my class) kept trying to stroke my face while murmuring(or was it shrieking?) ‘annarisu,annarisu’.
        Then one day she asked me if I liked “frlooking’

        I supected what she was trying to ask, but i had to stall…so i asked her to spell it.

        and she did.

        She wanted to know if I liked fucking.
        can you believe that! She was like, 15..


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