Furnishings and Whatnot

Criminy. Insanely busy weekend – we had the MAD URGE to change the apartment layout, so all day saturday and sunday, with much arguing about what should be where any why, and much scale-model manipulations in Photoshop (Note: Next time, Visio. So much easier.) and suchlike, we managed to nearly finish, just in time to go to sleep.

The result is that the bed is now in the bigger area, right under the A/C ceiling vent. Kick ASS, in my opinion. I’m still note used to sucky sticky hot muggy Auckland summers. It’s like living in Soup. And we moved all the computer and junk into what was the bedroom, and re-arranged all the bookcases and A/V gear. We ended moving every single piece of furniture we own, except for (a) the fridge, and (b) one bookcase and its contents.

The result is, however, very pleasing, seems to open up the main area much more AND we can now see the big TV and Xbox from the bed!

I seem to have inhaled a LOAD of dust while moving all the furniture and worse, books, around the apartment. My throat feels like sandpaper, and I forgot that dust mites are the one thing that I have a mild allergic reaction to. So that sucks, a whole bunch.

It’s pretty good to curl up in bed and watch cast amounts of sci-fi, though. Well worth it.

I must remember to talk to Grant and Chris tomorrow, to see if they and their respective partners wish to go to the Tenacious D concert with me, so I can buy some tickets for that.

Also, I’ve been playing the World of Warcraft open beta game a bit. It’s nice. Nice nice nice. Blizzard are really, really, just plain GOOD at this gaming thing.


  1. Assuming that they get the server lag issues sorted.
    What server are you lurking on anyway?
    I’m on Test 14.

  2. Hey! We did not argue :0

  3. *nods head*
    Blizzard are nice and I luvs them lots too, but I dont think ill ever be able to forgive them for Starcraft 2…the friggin console fps!!!! WTF!!! ok, enough ranting from me now

  4. yahhhh…”ghost” 🙁 *shrug* oh well, I like rts’s…and I thought the story line for “brood war” was pretty cool, but its not like I dont have enough game’s to keep me happy…if only the release dates would just get here sooner!