I Want The D. If You Know What I Mean.

Now I have to stay calm.

I have to try not to EXPLODE with PURE ROCK JOY and become one with the cosmos.


Tenacius D are playing a concert here in December.

There were four or five e-mails and one ICQ message waiting for me this morning when I got to work, all from various friends saying something along the line of “OMG D00D TENAYSHUSS DEE R TOURIN’ WTFHAX!” only in syntactically and grammatically correct english, because I don’t actually have any friends who can’t spell Tenacious and if I did I’d stab them good and hard.

I am pretty damn happy. I wonder if there’s some excuse I could try to make in order to meet JB and KG and do the drooling fanboy thing. Perhaps I could quickly create an NZ Tenacious D website, and try to interview them for that.

5 thoughts on “I Want The D. If You Know What I Mean.

    1. Ha ha!


      And now you pay the TERRIBLE PRICE of living in the sticks! Oh, you think you’re so smart with your low crime rate and cheap housing and cost of living.

      NO D!


      1. They’re playing in Welly too – 27th December.
        Tickets go on sale this Friday, from Ticketek.

        If y’all buy all the tickets before I get mine, I’ma be PISSED.


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