Thumbsticks 0, Mouse 1

I just tried to play Halo2 on my Xbox and JESUS FUCK how can ANYONE even TRY to play a first person shooter on these arse little thumbstick things?

“Take that, floor!”
“And take THAT, computer console to the left of the alien!”
“How’d you like some of THAT, guy who’s on my team who’s standing to the right of the alien!”

I gave up. Sod it. If you’re used to a mouse/keyboard combo for FPS, then console fps games are just not going to be happening for you.

I always wondered why you can never play the PC version of a game vs the same game on a console. I always figured that there was some arcane networking reason buried in the heart of the XBOX that prevented it. But know I KNOW BETTER. The real reason is that the person playing with his suck-ass little controller thingie would get UTTERLY BOT-SPANKINGLY OWNED by the PC guy, and the game and console companies don’t want to hear the _whining_ that would ensue.

I wasn’t at all impressed with Halo 1, so I can definitely set this one aside and wait for the PC release.


  1. And yet some people insist that consoles are better gaming devices.
    This Is A Lie.

    Is it shiney though?

    Side note: there are PS2/Xbox ps/2 converters so you can use computer kb’s andmice with them.

  2. hopefully Half Life 2 will make you happy 🙂

  3. Soon, my little smurfs. Soon.