I Just Like The Classics, That’s All

So, I went to the Goth Ball on saturday night, which was quite fun. I wanted to see Resurrection Eve, but Annette was really tired so I took her home – this was, however, at around 0230 or something. That’s DAMN LATE to be starting your final band of the evening, I reckon.

Guess how many traditional Goth club/dance songs were played at this Goth Ball?

Did you guess zero? If you didn’t guess zero, you were WRONG. And now you have to PAY. With your SOUL.

I’m kinda hoping that next year they call it “The Industrial/EBM/Dark NuMetal Ball” so as to more accurately reflect the nature of things. Don’t get me wrong, I had a fine time – I like Industrial music and EBM as much as the next guy – but I’d like to have see at least a nod to some of the classic goffch00nz, you know?

Anyway, my night was made by the antics of the N.U.T.E guitarist. He leaped! He swung his arms to provide more POWER to the chords! He put one foot up on the monitors! He had no shirt on! He closed out one number by falling to the floor AND continuing to play his guitar! If you took this guy, and cut him in half, and then mopped up the blood and entrials, you’d find the words “ROCK STAR” printed right through his flesh, to the very core. Fan-fucking-tastic.

So I had my hair cut into a mohawk for this gig, and now it’s monday morning and I have not yet had it cut into a more businesslike ‘do. I’ve had to HIDE the fact that I have a vaguely antisocial haircut by parting the mohawk and flattening it down over my head. It’s a DOUBLE-COMBOVER. Now it looks like a bad 80’s New Wave haircut, but I’d rather have customers smirking at my taste than being afraid.



  1. I didn’t chicken out either!
    I have had people at work telling me to keep the hair and that they like it.
    I am undecided.

  2. Yes, I must agree about the non-gothique tunes.
    I had fune, but god I would’ve loved to hear some Sisters/Bauhaus/Birthday Party/Xtian Death etc etc.

    But I actually suspected the case very much so.
    When they broke out the “This is Neo Goth” album things really got bad though. Graver much¿

    Hehe, I remeber when I had to make my mohawk work friendly. I looked so gay :/

  3. hehehe…yay, I wasnt the only one missing the ol tunes…I was hoping for for some “sisters, siouxie, ghosting etc” still had a good nite tho. Do you think there’ll be a “true scool” nite anytime?????

  4. I think the ‘hawk is cute up AND down 🙂

    Sorry about not getting to see Resurrection Eve. I hear they were really good, too. MEH. Filthy late people.

    I played myself some proper goth tunes on the way to work this morning, hehe.

  5. Ive been drenching myself in tunes all today to make up for it too 😉