Month: November 2004

Civil Liberties Bill

I’ve just been sent this link, to various submissions make on the upcoming Civil Union Bill:

Some choice, juicy extracts on the quality of arguments presented:


“[The Civil Union Bill] …will cause us to sin as a nation a curse to us all.”

“In my thinking gay people are a blot on society, unhealthy, repugnant, so why try to bring in a Civil Union Bill?”

“Heaven help us all on Judgement day”

“Two men cannot teach about sex education in relation to intercourse not backdoor course”

“In the bibleā€¦it mentions that God have the homosexuals over to a debased mind, to do things which are not fitting, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, having evil-minds, to be proud, violent, boasters, haters of God, disobedient, unforgiving, unloving, back biters, & whisperers, it also mentions that they are worthy of death.”


If anyone wonders why I genuinely believe that non-atheists are mentally ill, this is the sort of thing I bring up. What level of cognitive dissonance is required to be able to espose this level of hate, while also claiming that you follow the teachings of Jesus? What kind of mental blocks are going on when you can quote “laws” given in a section of the bible as the literal word and order of the creator of the universe in order to justify your own prejudices[1] and also justify your failing to follow other “laws” given in the same section of the bible because they’re … well, I’ve yet to actually hear any explanation for that shit from any bible-thumper. Perhaps all the stuff in the bible that doesn’t _suit_ you right now, they’re just “analogies” or “parables” or some shit. Whatever.

These people are stupid, hateful, fearful, ignorant throwback fools. Screw em. They’re crazy. Literally, crazy. Christians are, they MUST BE, irrational. You _can’t be a rational christian_. Either you’re irrational, or you don’t really believe it, you’re just giving it lip service. It’s a hobby or a custom, not a religion. You either believe this shit AND YOU’RE CRAZY, or you don’t really believe it, and it’s an alternative to Freemasonry or the Rotary Club. I genuinely think that all deeply religious people are high-function mental patients. Let’s say some dude comes up to you on the street and starts jabbering about how he’s in touch with an invisible being in the sky and it makes his life better and protects him from evil homosexuals and stuff. If he tells you that being is God or Jesus or something, that’s somehow fine. If he told you it was Napoleon, Emperor of France, he’d BE FUCKING LOCKED UP. AND RIGHTLY SO.

I really hope that we as a species make it off this rock before Religions kill us all. Because I genuinely believe that in the end, that’s what will do it.

In case any mighty alien spacemen of the future are somehow able to ressurect old internet archives from the ashes of our civilization and are reading this, I have two things to say:

(1) Some of us really were as confused by the actions of these crazy motherfuckers as you are. We died trying. Some of us were reaching for the stars when the Jesus freaks snuck up on us and smugly hit us with rocks for Meddling In Gods Domain. Please do not judge our entire race by their actions. They needed help, but in the end there were too many of them to resist.

(2) If you’re ressurecting cloned lab/zoo subjects by time-travelling back and grabbing quantum snapshots of brain functions and tissue samples, and if one of those subjects is me, then I would like to share a lab cage with my girfriend Annette. And also Christina Ricca. I appreciate your help in this matter. KTHXBAIBAI.




[1] Your typical Christian may attempt to soften things by referring to their prejudices as “convictions”. Also watch out for the word “denomination” … this actual means “Sect”. Hope this helps!

And So It Begins

Woohoo! World of Warcraft!

If anyone is about to start playing, I humbly invite you to play on the Hyjal realm server, which is in “Pacific” time zone region. Cos that’s where I’ll be.

Just like Gamera

Annette and I are planning to go to Japan for a holiday next year –
I’ve never been before and greatly want to go, and Annette LOVED her
time there, so she’s totally into it.
Anyway, I mentioned this to a friend who had lived in Japan for a
couple of years on one of those teach-the-Japanese-english schemes. The
following conversation resulted:

Mike: Yeah? How long will you be there for, yo?

JSR: I’m thinking we’ll be over there for 10 days or 2 weeks or so.

Mike: Kickass you will totally love it dude lots of gadgets totally techno

JSR: Quite. Also, there are little japanese schoolgirls. You know. In those uniforms. DAMN YOU, PIRO!

Mike: dude they will probably be terrifeid of you. all those clichees
about giant clumsy westerners and tiny tiny japanese are only slightly
exaggerated and shit. you will basically be treated like a giant shaved
talking bear, wandering the streets.

JSR: But _politely_ treated that way, I am sure! I do kind of resemble
a giant fat clumsy bear anyway – I actually plan to attack and destroy
Tokyo with my mighty paws and nuclear breath. REEEEEAAHHHRRRRR!

Mike: i dont know if that will score you points with schoolgirls

JSR: JSR is a friend to all children!

I must admit, I am really looking foward to this trip.

Two Half Lives Makes One Whole One

I purchased Half Life 2 today, at lunchtime. Left work slightly early because I really wanted to see if it was any good. Probably started playing it at around 1630 hours or so.

It’s now 0133, the next day. And I’m only stopping playing it because really, I have to get some sleep before work. If I were 5 years younger, I’d be strongly tempted to try for an all-nighter, but I can’t really do that sort of thing like I used to.

Truly, this game is excellent. Fun to play, engaging storyline, etc. And the graphics .. simply the best looking video-game I have so far seen in my lifetime. And not just the excellent engine, the _art direction_ in this game is nothing short of magnificent. The City 17 environment is spectacular.

There are going to be 10,000 mods for this engine, I am sure. I truly can’t wait.

Must sleep now. Then work. Then back to HL2.


Furnishings and Whatnot

Criminy. Insanely busy weekend – we had the MAD URGE to change the apartment layout, so all day saturday and sunday, with much arguing about what should be where any why, and much scale-model manipulations in Photoshop (Note: Next time, Visio. So much easier.) and suchlike, we managed to nearly finish, just in time to go to sleep.

The result is that the bed is now in the bigger area, right under the A/C ceiling vent. Kick ASS, in my opinion. I’m still note used to sucky sticky hot muggy Auckland summers. It’s like living in Soup. And we moved all the computer and junk into what was the bedroom, and re-arranged all the bookcases and A/V gear. We ended moving every single piece of furniture we own, except for (a) the fridge, and (b) one bookcase and its contents.

The result is, however, very pleasing, seems to open up the main area much more AND we can now see the big TV and Xbox from the bed!

I seem to have inhaled a LOAD of dust while moving all the furniture and worse, books, around the apartment. My throat feels like sandpaper, and I forgot that dust mites are the one thing that I have a mild allergic reaction to. So that sucks, a whole bunch.

It’s pretty good to curl up in bed and watch cast amounts of sci-fi, though. Well worth it.

I must remember to talk to Grant and Chris tomorrow, to see if they and their respective partners wish to go to the Tenacious D concert with me, so I can buy some tickets for that.

Also, I’ve been playing the World of Warcraft open beta game a bit. It’s nice. Nice nice nice. Blizzard are really, really, just plain GOOD at this gaming thing.

I Want The D. If You Know What I Mean.

Now I have to stay calm.

I have to try not to EXPLODE with PURE ROCK JOY and become one with the cosmos.


Tenacius D are playing a concert here in December.

There were four or five e-mails and one ICQ message waiting for me this morning when I got to work, all from various friends saying something along the line of “OMG D00D TENAYSHUSS DEE R TOURIN’ WTFHAX!” only in syntactically and grammatically correct english, because I don’t actually have any friends who can’t spell Tenacious and if I did I’d stab them good and hard.

I am pretty damn happy. I wonder if there’s some excuse I could try to make in order to meet JB and KG and do the drooling fanboy thing. Perhaps I could quickly create an NZ Tenacious D website, and try to interview them for that.

Thumbsticks 0, Mouse 1

I just tried to play Halo2 on my Xbox and JESUS FUCK how can ANYONE even TRY to play a first person shooter on these arse little thumbstick things?

“Take that, floor!”
“And take THAT, computer console to the left of the alien!”
“How’d you like some of THAT, guy who’s on my team who’s standing to the right of the alien!”

I gave up. Sod it. If you’re used to a mouse/keyboard combo for FPS, then console fps games are just not going to be happening for you.

I always wondered why you can never play the PC version of a game vs the same game on a console. I always figured that there was some arcane networking reason buried in the heart of the XBOX that prevented it. But know I KNOW BETTER. The real reason is that the person playing with his suck-ass little controller thingie would get UTTERLY BOT-SPANKINGLY OWNED by the PC guy, and the game and console companies don’t want to hear the _whining_ that would ensue.

I wasn’t at all impressed with Halo 1, so I can definitely set this one aside and wait for the PC release.

I Just Like The Classics, That’s All

So, I went to the Goth Ball on saturday night, which was quite fun. I wanted to see Resurrection Eve, but Annette was really tired so I took her home – this was, however, at around 0230 or something. That’s DAMN LATE to be starting your final band of the evening, I reckon.

Guess how many traditional Goth club/dance songs were played at this Goth Ball?

Did you guess zero? If you didn’t guess zero, you were WRONG. And now you have to PAY. With your SOUL.

I’m kinda hoping that next year they call it “The Industrial/EBM/Dark NuMetal Ball” so as to more accurately reflect the nature of things. Don’t get me wrong, I had a fine time – I like Industrial music and EBM as much as the next guy – but I’d like to have see at least a nod to some of the classic goffch00nz, you know?

Anyway, my night was made by the antics of the N.U.T.E guitarist. He leaped! He swung his arms to provide more POWER to the chords! He put one foot up on the monitors! He had no shirt on! He closed out one number by falling to the floor AND continuing to play his guitar! If you took this guy, and cut him in half, and then mopped up the blood and entrials, you’d find the words “ROCK STAR” printed right through his flesh, to the very core. Fan-fucking-tastic.

So I had my hair cut into a mohawk for this gig, and now it’s monday morning and I have not yet had it cut into a more businesslike ‘do. I’ve had to HIDE the fact that I have a vaguely antisocial haircut by parting the mohawk and flattening it down over my head. It’s a DOUBLE-COMBOVER. Now it looks like a bad 80’s New Wave haircut, but I’d rather have customers smirking at my taste than being afraid.