Radio Gaga

I did some tests last night with an 802.11g wireless rig, with directional sector antenna, from my rack on L48 of the Sky Tower, to Chris’ Apartment window down at H47. Results were very positive. With our airing system consisting of “holding the antenna in our hands and vaguely pointing them at where we thought the other person was” we managed to get a link which could sustain FTP throughput of 15 to 20Mbits/sec. Latency when not maxing out the link was around 1 to 2ms.


Total configuration time: About an hour.
Total hardware cost (2 x Base stations, 2 x Panel Antenna, RF cabling): $400
Value compared to 256Kbits/sec data capped “broadband” connection from local monopoly telco: Priceless



  1. Now all you need is a photo of you standing there holding said antenna (for a “priceless” photo)

  2. Class. Pure, sheer, utter class 🙂

  3. Thats all?


    hrmm, now I’m extremely envious.

    • It’s only this easy because I already happen to have equipment space leased up on the sky tower, and high-speed internet connectivity from there.