Rollerblade 7

I bought new skates today, on a whim. I was at Cheapskates with Annette while she bought hers, and I decided my probably about 8 or 10 year old solid-thermoplastic skates were about done. So I bought a new pair of Roches (to be specific, these and they’re really rather great. They hurt my feet fat less than the old set, and I suspect that once they’re fully shaped in, they won’t hurt at all.

I have, you see, absurd Hobbit feet. They’re much broader and higher than is appropriate for their length, when referenced against the rest of humanity. I’m not even sure how you skinnypods even manage to stand upright on your poor, sad, spider-monkey style feet. I pity you, you and your slender footwear!

The downside of this, however, is that when I buy skates the right length, they’re not wide enough, and my feet get squished. And they hurt.

These new skates, though, are soft boots, so they’ll eventually stretch. They already hurt far far less than the old solid plastic ones did. I plan to try to get back to skating every day, during summer. Next weekend, I may see how long it takes to skate to work, up Hobson street, along Pitt, down K road, then down Symonds Street. Whee!


  1. I have the same foot issue. I went ice skating once, it KILLED me the boots were shockingly rigid and just all wrong. I hate shoe shopping. You think you have issues, you try finding nice girly looking shoes for people with mutant feet..

    • My feet are approximately a 7 long and a 9 wide. So usually I compromise on 8 and nothing fits 🙂

      Surprisingly however, I had no problems with the skates. In fact, they were the easiest pair of footwear to buy in some years. I think it’s because they’re designed for Doing Stuff, rather than Looking Pretty.

      JSR does have super high feet…

  2. skinnypods with spider monkey feet have problems too!

    my feet don’t seem adequately broad to withstand my own weight. i get very sore feet from walking too long. and i always had sore feet from skating, although the whole skates a size too small thing could have been a factor in recent years.

    i want new skates!