I was having Coffee on friday after work, over at St Kevins Arcade, when Chris and Helen stated that they’re going to Illicit which is the local piercing/tattoo/black-clothes-with-pictures-of-demons-on/handbags-shaped-like-coffins-and-suchlike, Generic Get All Your Slightly More Counterculture Stuff That Real-Groovy Sells, Hipness And Rebellion In One Place emporium. So I tailed along with them, and on a whim booked myself in to get my ears pierced.

My normal lobe piercings have all healed up, I haven’t worn earrings for ages – but I have been talking about getting upper ear piercings for quite some time, so it’s nice to actually follow through with a concept for a change, instead of talking about it at length and never actually doing anything about it. Which is what I normally do with good ideas.

So, yesterday morning I went over there with Annette and had the work done. Nick the needle-jockey was very nice, very professional, listened to what I wanted and then made it so. I have three little blue titanium barbell thingies through my upper left ear. I’ll be going back for my right once these have healed enough to sleep on. Nick wants to take a photo of them for their big book of pictures, once they’re healed. Excellent!

For piercings like this, they have to use a hollow needle that actually takes a chunk out of you like a holepunch. Especially when they’re going through cartilage. The first one was okay, sore for an instant then almost immediately fading down. The second one was REALLY sore, and took longer to fade – I’m guessing there was a bigger nerve bundle there. The third one was less sore, but when he did it, I heard Annette go “Yahhh!” and Nick said “Oooo, that’s a bleeder!” at the same time. Apprently he hit a capillary – Annette tells me that there was projectile blood. 🙂 That one still bleeds when I’m playing with it.

All in all, I’m extremely pleased with the result. Can’t wait for it to heal up so I can go complete the set.


  1. but where are the pictures?!

  2. Spurting blood….. kewl!

  3. Sounds great.
    It’s a pity my body doesn’t take to piercings.
    I think I might want to get some more anyhow…
    Must book in that tattoo I’ve been meaning to get done tho.

    This actually remonds me that I must get my arse out to coffee this friday. And check for any comics seeing as I haven’t checked my folder in about a month.