A Bowl Full Of Jelly Sounds Delicious

First time back at the gym doing a serious workout for … some time. A year or so? Annette and I used it once a couple of months ago, but I wasn’t doing any serious work. I was this time. And it didn’t seem so bad at the time, but I am shivery-muscled now. And I’ll be a’hurtin’ tomorrow.

Pesky exercise. Maybe I should just live with my jolly round belly.


  1. but the endorphin rush!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’ve got a stated goal to drop 30-35kg (mostly from the belly region) in the next 2 years – without fad diets, or anything unsustainable – just eating right, and exercising regularly.

    I expect regular Pain from this.

  3. It’s much easier going to the gym in a group. Kai and I were quite good at keeping each other motivated enough not to give up after the first couple of visits.