Month: September 2004

Must See

I’ve just read that we might be seeing a “Star Wars” TV Series in the near future. This concept amuses me greatly. Hell, I think they should just start up a whole new nothin’ but Star Wars cable channel:

7.00PM – Married: With Wookies!
7.30PM – Who Wants To Marry A Clone Of The Emperor?
8.00PM – CSI: Mos Eisley
9.00PM – The Apprentice
9.30PM – The Master
10.00PM – Coruscant 208742084370210
11.00PM – The Late Show with B’hythee Ahk-ShunFihgURE

Hell, I’d watch it.



I forgot to blog this earlier, but the other day I was involved in a relatively lengthy online discussion from which sprang the idea that a really good name for a brand of communion wine would be “Sweet Jesus!”.



It’s becoming impossible to make fun of the FOX tv channel. I mean .. you couldn’t mock this stuff if you TRIED to. It’d be like doing a MST3K riff on Plan 9 From Outer Space, or a ridiculous over-the-top 80’s metal band version of Limozeen.

No-one does it. It’s not needed. It’s already a stupid over-the-top version of itself, without even trying!

It’s post-parody!

“Renovate My Family” …


“Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy” …

A Bowl Full Of Jelly Sounds Delicious

First time back at the gym doing a serious workout for … some time. A year or so? Annette and I used it once a couple of months ago, but I wasn’t doing any serious work. I was this time. And it didn’t seem so bad at the time, but I am shivery-muscled now. And I’ll be a’hurtin’ tomorrow.

Pesky exercise. Maybe I should just live with my jolly round belly.

Signalling My Home Planet

To Infinity! And Beyond!

The following picture accompanied a newspaper article about ICONZ Wireless selling broadband connections into Bucklands Beach and the surrounding coastline. Pictured are myself, and and ICONZ Marketing Consultant.

Note our fine socialist middle-distance stares! And me in my very best Hobbit-pants!


It Was A Lab. In The Sky.

[Scene: JSR is reading old Doonsbury cartoons on his computer]

JSR: “It’s so amazing to read these old cartoons from the 70’s, you know? Like, they’re talking about the Equal Rights Amendment in this one! There’s stuff here that we just totally take for granted nowadays. Hah! Look, here’s a joke about Skylab!”

Annette: “What’s Skylab?”