Here We Go

No sign of my new second-hand decks and mixer yet.

I am anxious.

HOW am I supposed to become a superstar Dee-jeahhh if my gear is endlessly delayed! Dammit!

Current projects:

– Satellite based internet delivery to 65 schools
– Plus all the usual work crap like complex customer solutions, product R&D, etc.

– Finish visuals and storyboard for short film project, have meeting with principal players in shoot to discuss
– As-yet-unnamed 80’s-only radio station installation to be completed
– Music production software to be grasped, music theory to be learned.
– Internet project for my apartment building to re-plan
– QL needs much tinkering and hardware updates to happen, soon
– Colocation contracts and work to sort out
– ISP CR and CM software to complete

I am stupidly busy. I should ditch all this tech crap and just .. like .. make models of things out of matchsticks for a hobby.

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