Today, I removed Megatokyo from my favourites list.

And why?

Because it’s pretty much turned to ass. It’s not _QUITE_ gone as downhill as .. say .. Sluggy Freelance or User Friendly, but it’s up here.

You see, Piro is deliberately moving from a four-panel or one-page setup with a joke, to an ongoing story. Because he wants to be a ‘proper’ manga-ka, you see, and not just have a cool webcomic.

And so I’m sure there are still zillions of fans who’ll keep reading his stuff, and I might even drop by the site every so often myself, but I’m pretty much done with being a regular reader. Piro’s love stories are simply not that interesting. And his art is, sadly, really not good enough to compensate for a slightly crappy poorly paced story. To this day, I still have trouble telling certain female characters apart.

But I used to let all that stuff that slide past, because of the dynamic between Piro and Largo, and more importantly Piro’s Universe and Largo’s Universe, was very very compelling, and made for an awesome comic.

He really .. REALLY .. should never have let Largo leave the production team, because since he did so, the Piro/Largo dynamic has drastically faded.

So goodbye Megatokyo .. you’ve been great. I bought the first two of your books. I still make “Sad Girls in Snow” jokes with my friends.

But I expect, in time, that will fade also.