Even More Doom

Just finished Doom 3. Lots of fun. If I may use a rather hackney’d phrase, The End Guy Was Hard.

Actually, that is not very true. The end guy was not really hard, but it did take a while to eventually pour enough BFG rounds into to hurt him, then finish him off with a Soul Cube. I likes the Soul Cube, yesssss precioussss.

The game itself… well.. graphically, impressive. There are lots of neat things you can do with dynamic light sources. Gameplay, however .. well, it’s doom. Walk into a room, zombies/demons/demon-zombies/zombie spawning demons/demons that shoot bees from their mouths so that when they scream a demon scream, bees bite you … Okay, not that last one, that’s from The Simpsons, but you get the idea. New Room. Zombies. Zombies encounter your impressive collection of weapons. New Room … and repeat. A lot.

The environment, however, was very very nicely done. That alone kept my attention from start to finish.

Fun game. Want to try multiplayer now!

I was looking forward more to HalfLife2 than I was to this game. And I still am.

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