Reach For The Lasers. Actually, We Don’t Have Any Lasers.

So, last night at the Circadian Rhythms gig, was my debut as a live DJ. I felt more than ready to become a Superstar De-Jeaah, because I’d had .. like .. a full couple of hours practice, at least. I was READY, yo.

Suprisingly, I didn’t fuck anything up. No dead air, no _really_ clumsy mixes. And I even did some live loops on the entry and exit mixes of a couple of songs, and they were really good. The only part I am actually truly pleased with – I asked a few people in the crowd what they thought of the loops, and they said “What loops?” .. which is about as good a compliment on my phrasematching as I could have hoped for.

I played some classic 80’s goth music, and some goth covers of classic 80’s music, and I only took the piss with one song. (A room _full_ of teenage goths – I couldn’t have stopped myself playing “Cry Little Sister” from The Lost Boys even if I had wanted to).

It was, I must say, A WHOLE BIG BUNCH OF FUN. Circadian Rhythms told me that they will be asking me back again, and I shall certainly be attending if they do.

One sad note is that when I got home, I found that the iconic Rick James had died. Rick James, Bitch! I had read that he’d been very unwell in the last few years, and that a lot of it had to do with his notorious drug use and abberant behaviour during his party period. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Oh! I was introduced to a couple of people at CR who are now the first additions to the cast of my short film project. One to play Death, the other to play Delerium. I’m _particularly_ pleased to find someone who looks so delerium-y. Death is not so hard, there are a lot of Death-y goth chicks around. Delerium … I thought that was going to be harder. But the young lady in question is very very suitable – and most importantly, was -easy to find-.

Despair, though, will be the very very hardest. “Hi! Acme casting agency? Yeah, it’s Four Laser Productions here .. do you have anyone really really short, and round, and sort of potato-y? Oh, and they need to spend most of a day naked and covered with grey makeup, with tusk-like flase teeth in…. are you there?….hello?….”

So, a very good weekend so far. I plan to spend the rest of it playing Doom3.


  1. If you’re not a goth, are you still allowed to like “Cry Little Sister” ?

  2. i really wanted to go, but my cold wouldn’t let me!