More 80s.

Other 80’s songs are now being pondered.

9 to 5.
Eye of the Tiger. Though that got used in an excellent recent starbucks ad, so maybe not.
Tainted Love.
Eye in the Sky.
What a feeling (from Flashdance)
Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Love will tear us apart. Because Dream and Death are such mopey/perky goths, respectively. Except that this only JUST makes it into the 80’s. Just. So maybe not.
Sunglasses at Night.
We Built This City.
Summer of ’69.
Walking on sunshine.
You give love a bad name.

I might be over-thinking this. My first two picks were Come on Eileen and The Safety Dance. I should probably stick with them.


  1. I have a soft spot for “We Built This City” but I think the visuals possibilities of “Sunglasses at Night” just can’t be ignored.

  2. When working on art projects, I advise not revealing too much about them too early. Telling too much lets the pressure out of the bottle before you actually get it done. 🙂

  3. After careful consideration of the themes and plot points of the Sandman mythos, contemplation of my iTunes library and careful self-examination to determine which tracks I would find most hilarious to be performed by the Endless, I recommend either “Nobody’s Hero” by the Stiff Little Fingers, or “Africa” by Toto.