So, I’ve been letting my subconscious mull over what to do for my very first effort at a short film. I had some criteria worked out, namely that it should be very short (since I have zero experience in these matters) with a simple script, combine a couple of cool concepts that have not been combined before, and be appealing enough to geeks around the world to encourage them to get their bittorrents All Up Ons and actually download it.

So, this morning, an idea pops into my head.

I want to do an alternate music video for a classic 80’s anthem, only the band in the video will be composed of members of The Endless, a set of deities/demi-urges created for Neils “Sandman” comics.

It’ll be short (around 3 minutes), it’s interesting to me (as 80’s music and 80’s comics, indeed all comics, are two of my pet geekisms), it’s visually a treat which means it’ll also let me play lots of games with cameras and lighting, it combines two cool concepts, and it’s probably a must-see for fanboys if I do it right.

The lineup I see so far has Dream as lead vocals, Death on Bass (of _course_), Destruction on drums, Desire on Lead guitar and Delirium as Backing Vocals. Destiny and Despair are, respectively, Lighting and Sound engineers.

I can do the whole thing in a club setting (which I have access to, cheap) and with sandman-fanboy-goths as the crowd (which I also have access to, free).

I think it’s doable. I’m going to get some of the visual elements I have in my head out into a more permanent form now. Like Despairs hand, with her hooked ring, adjusting a slider on the sound board. Or the billboard outside that says “The ENDLESS – Tonight! And every other night! Forever!”

Not sure what to use for the song, though. It has to be something that’s totally 80’s. I’m thinking either Come On Eileen or Safety Dance. Though I’d also REALLY like to see Death sing “Angel of the Morning” – perhaps I’ll put a few seconds of that in at the end of the divx, as an easter egg.

I think it’d be fun, and _funny_. But feedback is welcome.


  1. Do you know Saul Blackwell? He’s a TV production graduate now and works for TV in Auckland. And he’s a comic geek extraordinaire. Maybe you need to hook up.

  2. Haha brilliant! May I cast a vote for Safety Dance?

  3. ohhhh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind HEY MICKEy.

    Total 80s pub song that. Or maybe it was 90s and I’m not as old as I think I am.

    Come on Eileen is good 🙂

  4. can i be a fanboy crowd person pleeaaase?
    i’ll be nerdy goth…i can do it!