Best. Spam. Ever.

This was waiting for me in my mail this morning. It’s reproduced verbatim.

“You dont know me but my name is %SET_USER_NAME . My friend and I were at a party the
other night and I saw you there. I asked who you were and was told your name was %SET_TARGET_FIRST_NAME .

I really wanted to meet you that night, I thought you looked like a really nice guy and that you were good looking too 😛 I had to leave the party so I asked my friend to get your
email address for me and she did. I hope %SET_TARGET_ADDRESS is right! I would like to meet you. I hope to hear back from you :-)”

I’m damn well going to mail %SET_FILTHY_FUCKING_IDIOT_SPAMMER_JUST_FUCKING_DIE back immediately! She sounds HOT! I am DEFINITELY going to score, here!


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  1. Dontcha just love a girl with attention to the finer details?