Annette just IM’d me to tell me that she has been threatened with “the wrath of the prophets” if she doesn’t change a grade she gave a student.


The thought of someone menacing her has actually FILLED ME WITH RAGE. I can hardly type. I’ve had to correct twice the typos in this post that I normally have to correct.

She won’t tell me who he is, so I can go and Have Words with him. And maybe bring some Hired Goons to assist me.




P.S. Bah, stupid Auckland, never has the services you need.

P.P.S. Seriously. Really. Really. Angry.


  1. One hopes the institution in question will take swift action…

    • It’s been reported to the lectureres, and I hope to the HoD.

      Personally, I’d be permanently ejecting from my course ANY student who threatened people over a grade.

      • Procedures for querying marks should be standard. If not, then it’s the university at fault. It’s not the responsibility of the individual tutors. She’s very sensible in discouraging you from getting involved, of course – she has her own professionalism to take care of. As for the student in that situation, they’re seriously jeopardising any case they might have had in contesting their grades.

        But seriously – the wrath of the prophets? It sounds like some kind of dumb cthulu geek joke.

        • No, he’s a Middle Eastern guy. He’s serious. God was involved in many other places in the email.

          We do have standard procedures, which we have followed, with the conclusion that he didn’t do the activity and therefore doesn’t get the mark. I’ve referred it to the higher-ups.

  2. I know some Russians that could help?

    Ugh, sorry you had to go through that JSR and Annette.
    It’s people like him, that give the rest a bad image. Hopefully he gets dealt with appropriately… Russians or University higher uppers 🙂