So, annettle an I went to the Circadian Rhythms gig at the K Rd ballroom last night. A couple of live bands – The Syndicate and N.U.T.E – who were pretty good, in a Live, Local Goth-Industral kind of way. Chris tells me that N.U.T.E’s stdio work sounds nothing at all like their live show. Which is odd, but then Studio Magic is an awesome thing.

I had to take Annette home sometime after midnight, but I went back (living close to everything rules) and stayed through to closing at 0300 or so. A good time was had by all! I helped Chris and the sound guy from the ballroom pack up their big PA and power amps and crap. Chris did very well carrying one end of some big speakers down stairs, given that at the time he was wearing a very fetching electroluminescent skirt covered in bondage rope attachment clips.

The CR guys seem to have approved my request to DJ for an hour at the next non-live CR gig. Which is pretty great! I was worried about my lack of skillz on the cd-deck-vinyl-emulation-platters of steel, but given that last night the pre and post live bands DJ’s managed to keep a full dance floor despite the fact that they’d forgotten to bring any headphones, and the cd track numbering was wrong, and thus they weren’t beatmatching at all but did all their mixing using guesswork as to what track was actually cued (based on the “time remaining” display) and used no control other than the crossfader … I think I’ll manage okay. I’ve even got a playlist worked out. I might have to go visit Chris and Helen and run through it on their decks.