Seriously, Hand That Laser Over Right Now.

So, I’m sorting out music for my ipod, since I’m sick and I can’t sleep.


That Mr Mister song from, like, the mid-80’s is named “Kyrie” and I’m thinking “What on earth kind of name is that?” and SO it turns out that a certain lyric is “Kyrie eleison down the road that I must travel”

And NOT, as I had thought for the last 20-ish years “Gimme a laser down the road that I must travel”

And google (which soon will have Don’t Panic stamped on it’s cover) tells me that Kyrie eleison is a pre-christian expression meaning “God Have Mercy”.

Still, if I’m travelling down a road I MUST travel, which implies that you’d rather NOT travel down it, which implies that there will be uncomfortableness or maybe even peril on the aforementioned road … I’d rather keep my laser handy.


  1. Having been raised Presbyterian, it never occurred to me that it could have been anything else. Now I wish it had been a laser. That would have been so much cooler.

    Also, I wish I’d had a laser during some of those boring Presbyterian services. Especially the bits where we had to sing “Kyrie Eleison” (and not the Mr Mister version, either).

    • I dunno, I like singing the Kyrie Elesion, it’s the wishy washy 70’s droning hymns that hurt. And usually there’s like a million verses to go through… Argh.

  2. Jeez, haven’t heard that song in ages.

  3. As well as “Loving it up, Lavita” translates into “Love in an Elevator”, apparently.

    I like my version better.