So, I just finally this weekend watched “Firefly”, a TV show by Joss Whedon. I’ve been kinda dodging it, because basically “A _space western_? No. Really? Bullshit. Really?” and some time ago I watched one episode (“Train Job”) and wasn’t very impressed by it.

But, this weekend I watched every episode, and .. wow. It’s possibly the best science fiction I’ve seen on TV since Babylon 5. It’s excellent science fiction. And WHY is it excellent science fiction, you ask? Mostly because there’s very little science in it for starters. Sure, there’s a spaceship, and shuttles, and the occasional laser-gun. But these are just _there_, as a backdrop. They could just as easily be a Tall Ship, Rowboats, and Muskets.

Because this show is 100% about the _characters_ in its ensemble cast, and the whole show hangs off these characters and their relations and interactions. The characters are ALL three-dimensional, fleshed out beings, and you get a HUGE sense of unseen backstory from all of them.

And I’ll tell you what, Firely NEVER finishes a show by routing a beam of onanite particles through the wankor array, there’s sure as hell no holodeck, and the doors don’t make a wooosh noise. They’re more likely to creak with rust, or get stuck.

It’s brilliant. They’re making a movie. I will be giving this movie my dollars.

This gets cancelled after half-a-season, and Enterprise (which I watched for two seasons then got bored with and can only remember a couple of characters names thereon) is now at Season-4 and still going?

Weird… just, Weird.

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  1. On the strength of your review I have ordered Firefly.
    Well not entirely on that strength, mighty as it may be
    I’ve been meaning to take a look at it for a while but I think
    “A _space western_? No. Really? Bullshit. Really?”
    Tipped me over, as it were